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We are your trusted logistics service provider for local deliveries, direct courier service, last mile delivery and overnight transports.
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Our offers extend beyond borders to all countries of the world. We offer excellent logistics services even for complex inquiries and deliver innovative and tailor-made logistics solutions.

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Last-mile logistics for sophisticated customers.

Expresskurier liefert das Paket aus

Our services

Your express courier in the city, in Germany and the whole world

Expresskurier liefert das Paket aus

Courier Service

We deliver your parcels to your complete satisfaction, using IT and real-time monitoring. We guarantee the shortest delivery times in and around Munich. Whether B2B or private, with us every customer is treated like a King.

Lager eines Unternehmens, das Transportdienstleistungen anbietet

Logistics Center

We solve space problems on a grand scale! We have 800 square meters. HD camera surveillance and 24/7 staff presence, for you to store your goods. Our storage service also has additional HD camera surveillance and high security storage for valuables.

Flotte eines Unternehmens, das Transportdienstleistungen anbietet

Courier Service Germany

We pick up your shipment from your desired location within Germany. We will arrange the most suitable and fastest transport option to ensure your shipment arrives at its destination: safely and rapidly.

Flotte eines Unternehmens, das Transportdienstleistungen anbietet

International Courier Service

RHT supplies to all European metropolises on the next working day, as well as to many other destinations worldwide. With our partner office at the customs office in Garching, we provide international courier services and the fastest possible processing.

The right service for your requirements

Letters and parcels

Our shipping services offer fair shipping prices, as well as safe and fast delivery of your letters and packages. With Rush Hour Express Courier you can optimize your shipping costs and at the same time get suitable parcel shipping solutions.

Contract documents

Our reliable couriers deliver your important documents, such as employment contracts or notices of termination, personally to the recipient. A legally secure delivery is possible on request.

Bulky goods

We also deliver heavy shipments with ease. We deliver pallets and bulky goods using suitable vehicles without problems. We organize the appropriate transport depending on the distance to the destination and the size of the package.

Sending valuables - V.I.P.

With our international parcel shipping, we give your package the highest priority. Whether a personal delivery in Dubai, or armored cars with armed personnel. We ensure the transport of your valuables discreetly and reliably.

Weapons & dangerous goods

Even dangerous goods are in safe hands with us. We employ specially trained drivers to transport dangerous goods. Ongoing ADR and DGR training courses are part of our training as standard. gehören bei uns zum Standard in entsprechenden Fahrzeugen aus.

Medicines and food

Rush Hour Express Courier also transports shipments that have to be transported below certain temperatures due to legal regulations or their sensitivity. Pharmacies and hospitals are among our daily pick-up and delivery points.

Climate neutral

Our couriers are on the streets of Munich with bicycles, e-cars and soon also with e-scooters. In this way, we can not only avoid annoying traffic jams, but also transport your shipment in an environmentally-responsible manner.


Our packaging is limited to the essentials to avoid unnecessary waste. We also use sustainable materials such as recycled paper and cardboard whenever possible.

Sustainable location

Rush Hour is constantly working to make our storage location more sustainable: This includes using energy and water as efficiently as possible and using sustainable storage systems.

Transport route

Shipments are picked up by our courier service without unnecessary detours, and then sent and delivered on the shortest and most sustainable route.