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Wir sind Ihr vertrauenswürdiger Logistikpartner für Stadtfahrten, Direktkurier und Last-Mile sowie Overnight-Transporte.
Registrieren Sie sich noch heute, kostenlos und unverbindlich.

Ihr Logistikdesigner

Wir verbinden Menschen

Unser Portfolio erstreckt sich über Grenzen hinweg, in alle Länder der Erde.
Mit innovativen und maßgeschneiderten Logistiklösungen, bieten wir
hervorragenden Service auch für komplexe Anfragen.


Ihr Business perfekt vernetzt. Wir liefern Qualität.


Last-Mile-Logistik für anspruchsvolle Endkunden.

Expresskurier liefert das Paket aus

Unsere Leistungen

Ihr Expresskurier in der Stadt, in Deutschland
und der ganzen Welt

Expresskurier liefert das Paket aus

Kurierdienst für

Wir liefern Ihre Pakete schnell und sicher EDV-gestützt und echtzeitüberwacht. Im Raum München garantieren wir kürzeste Lieferzeiten. Ob B2B oder an Privat, bei uns ist jeder Kunde König.

Lager eines Unternehmens, das Transportdienstleistungen anbietet

Logistikzentrum München

Platzprobleme lösen wir im großen Stil! Auf 800qm finden Sie Platz für Ihre Waren. HD-Kameraüberwacht, 24/7 Personalanwesenheit. Hoch- Sicherheitslager für Valoren.

Flotte eines Unternehmens, das Transportdienstleistungen anbietet

Kurierdienst Deutschland

Innerhalb Deutschlands holen wir Ihre Sendung von Ihrem Wunschort ab. Wir arrangieren die passendste und schnellste Transportmöglichkeit, damit Ihre Sendung so sicher und schnell wie möglich an ihrem Ziel ankommt.

Flotte eines Unternehmens, das Transportdienstleistungen anbietet

Internationaler Kurierdienst

RHT beliefert europäische Metropolen am nächsten Werktag, wie auch viele weitere Destinationen weltweit. Mit unserem Partner-Büro am Zollamt Garching, liefern wir Service und schnellstmögliche Abwicklung.

Maßgeschneiderte Transportlösungen

Vom flexiblen und privaten Kurierdienst bis zum umfassenden Angebot einer etablierten Spedition

Ansprüche an ein Kurierunternehmen können von Kunde zu Kunde grundlegend verschieden sein. Wir wissen, dass ein flexibler Kurierdienst nicht immer die richtige Lösung für alle Ihre Transportanforderungen ist. Deshalb bieten wir Ihnen ein umfassendes Angebot an maßgeschneiderten Speditionsdienstleistungen an. Um die richtige Transportlösung für Sie zu finden, steht Ihnen unser erfahrenes Team zur Verfügung, um Ihre Sendungen effizient und zuverlässig zu transportieren, ganz gleich, ob es sich um größere Frachtvolumen, komplexe Logistik oder spezielle Anforderungen handelt. Mit unserer breiten Palette an Transportdienstleistungen können Sie sich auf eine maßgeschneiderte Lösung für Ihre Anforderungen verlassen. Kontaktieren Sie uns noch heute, damit wir die beste Lösung für Ihr Anliegen finden.
Lukasz MitrusLukasz Mitrus
12:34 15 Feb 24
RHT is a professional and very reliable courier service provider. Our design company is more than satisfied with the offer, the execution and the price-performance ratio. We only send with RHT transport services.
Sebastian AmmerlyndSebastian Ammerlynd
18:26 24 Jan 24
Even one star is still too many! Incredible driver (license plate M – LM XXXX, if Rush Hour Kirchheim/Garching is interested, I know the full number), who immediately became loud, impudent and almost physical when he tried to check the fragile goods. Hotline is not helpful at all, but immediately resorts to customer-unfriendly blah blah and on top of that explains to me that she would rather believe the driver than me (the customer!). The driver couldn’t turn around and deliver the goods because that would cause a delay. But the fact that a customer is now left without paid for goods apparently didn’t matter for Rush Hour Kirchheim/Garching! Absolutely underground! Companies like these apparently have a business model in which customers have little opportunity to prevent such unpleasant things (I have NEVER experienced this before!). Minus 5 stars!UPDATE to Rush Hour’s response:It fits perfectly into the picture that attempts are now being made to discredit the customer. This confirms my assessment.Repost (incident was at the end of 2022):
Wolfgang LauWolfgang Lau
18:32 23 Jan 24
A role model for a perfect courier service! Excellent communication with extremely courteous service and excellent accessibility. Punctuality and reliability clearly set this company apart. I can only recommend this courier and will gladly have further orders processed through this company.
Dennis SchmidDennis Schmid
13:03 22 Jan 24
Was at home all day so that I could receive the important broadcast.After nothing happened until the afternoon, I tracked the package online. Unfortunately I couldn’t be found…When it comes to an important shipment delivered by a courier company, I find it cheeky to disappear again without ringing. Our bell worked perfectly before and afterward; I also didn’t vacuum, for example, so as not to miss anythingAfter a call they said I was unlucky because I couldn’t be found and that I could pick up the package, otherwise it would be returned after 10 days.I give an additional second star for the employee who was very friendly when I picked it up.
Kleiton GonçalvesKleiton Gonçalves
05:35 08 Jan 24
This courier service is my first choice for overnight deliveries. They are punctual and their courier service has never let me down. I am a loyal customer.
Suraj NathwaniSuraj Nathwani
14:07 03 Jan 24
I needed an express courier service for an important document and they delivered it quickly and safely. This courier service’s attention to detail is impressive.
Faultierchen 79Faultierchen 79
08:21 21 Dec 23
Never experienced such an unfriendly delivery person!
leonie daviesleonie davies
14:09 18 Dec 23
I rely on this courier company for all my shipping needs and they always exceed my expectations.
dinesharan balanathandinesharan balanathan
13:15 15 Nov 23
When I need a reliable courier I always turn to this company. Their express courier service is fast and efficient, making sending urgent packages a breeze.
Im a regular costumer of this courier service and they have never disappointed my expectations. They always deliver the packages as agreed and their couriers are extremely polite and helpful.Highly recommended!
Isabel GerlichIsabel Gerlich
16:03 20 Oct 23
Super friendly and very flexible and unbureaucratic. Highly recommended!
Jason HussJason Huss
21:01 06 Oct 23
We have been working with this company for years , and have no reason to look for another . There are the best in the courier industry
Konstantin SKonstantin S
07:25 01 Sep 23
Pretty unprofessional.A pickup was originally scheduled for Tuesday morning, but no one came…Second attempt on Thursday, again in the morning, it was indicated with telephone notification when the driver was on the road, morning passed and I received a call around 2 p.m. that the driver was in front of the door and couldn’t wait 10 minutes because I got a call 1 hour in the morning expected in advance…Then we made an appointment for the afternoon, same game. The driver calls this time before he arrives in 15 minutes, I also arrive after 16 minutes, the driver is gone and can no longer be reached by phone.
16:27 27 Jul 23
If you need a reliable and fast courier service in Munich, Rush Hour Transport is the place for you!
Kaelynn JakudobeKaelynn Jakudobe
19:46 13 Jul 23
RTH’s private courier service is simply awesome. The bike courier came within an hour and picked up the letter at my office. After just 40 minutes, the letter was already at its destination. No car would travel that fast in Munich. Simply great!
Lydia HillaLydia Hilla
11:20 11 Jul 23
Thank you – delivery and price are just great! Only the perfect and friendly customer service surpasses both. I received great advice and was able to find a cost-effective way to send my goods regularly.
mt brainmt brain
12:55 13 Jun 23
I’m lost for words. An absolutely incompetent service provider. Shipments will be ignored. Customers are sent to the unsold value queue. It’s a shame that lightning struck customs 🙂
Marco MeierMarco Meier
20:40 29 May 23
RHT’s private courier service is simply unbeatable in terms of speed and reliability. You can trust this courier service. Collection and delivery were quick and easy. The service is very good and the price justified.
Ibrahim NebieIbrahim Nebie
20:59 17 May 23
RHT is a fast and secure private courier with friendly and professional customer service. I felt that I was in good hands and advised. We have already sent many letters and packages with RHT and everything has always worked great.
Adrian JosephAdrian Joseph
17:53 10 May 23
RHT is a great international courier company. We had to send some important documents to the south of France. Luckily we found RHT and luckily all the documents could be delivered on time. And all that at an unbeatable price.
Michael PorterMichael Porter
19:57 09 May 23
RHT is a secure package transport. My company has sent many packages using RHT. No matter what size and what weight – we were always satisfied. Our customers have always been satisfied with the delivery.
21:05 08 May 23
Super Service.An order requested on the same day was also delivered.Thanks!!!
Jessica LohrJessica Lohr
17:05 03 May 23
The worst company I know, not at all helpful and at a loss for an excuse!!!!
Karen LawrenceKaren Lawrence
19:14 27 Mar 23
Perfect service: from ordering to collection to delivery and in record time. Everything delivered perfectly. I am very pleased! Recommended at any time!
Cristina JosephCristina Joseph
19:48 12 Mar 23
A look at the website is enough to see the advantages of the courier service Rush Hour Transporte. I’ve been broadcasting all my shows on RHT for quite some time now. My company has been doing the same thing for a while now. We have only had FIRST CLASS experiences so far!
Lola TuckerLola Tucker
15:27 02 Mar 23
This courier service offers the perfect service. From ordering to pickup it took just 40 minutes. The recipient received the important documents on the same day. The documents were in good hands and were delivered carefully and quickly by bicycle courier. I can only recommend Rush Hour. We will definitely book Rush Hour again! Top!
Alexis DelgadoAlexis Delgado
17:34 25 Jan 23
After many bad experiences with other courier services, Rush Hour is an absolute recommendation. Without problems, important and expensive pictures were sent from our gallery to their buyers. Size wasn’t an issue. We also knew that the masterpieces were in careful and good hands. Our customers were also overwhelmed by the professionalism and care! All paintings arrived undamaged and quickly to buyers. We only ship our valuable goods with rush hour couriers.
Bonginkosi MtshaliBonginkosi Mtshali
06:13 07 Jan 23
I can always rely on rush hour. Once again I had to send important documents to our partner company. Time was pressing. But thanks to rush hour, the documents got there in time. I really recommend this courier service to everyone. Service, friendliness and value for money are unbeatable. Thank you!
Tgnjgbk NeuTgnjgbk Neu
13:33 01 Dec 22
Top company that delivers exactly to the point. The order went directly from me to my mother, who even received a call from the driver 30 minutes before delivery. Dear drivers. thanks for that
21:04 21 Jun 22
Today is my first delivery, so far all I can say is:Very friendly, helpful and fast.I get the delivery with a time of 9-17 h, as a single mom I have the problem that I have to drive my son to school again and I’m not there for about 40 minutes in the middle of the delivery time. Sure that’s not always possible, but I get a slightly more accurate delivery time just to make it fit for me.Great service…nice staff…keep it up and thank you againP. S. That BEFORE the opening hoursUpdate: The delivery arrived BEFORE 12.30…Great service THANK YOU

Für Ihre Anforderung der passende Service

Briefe und Pakete

Wir bieten faire Versandpreise, sowie die sichere und schnelle Lieferung Ihrer Briefe und Pakete. Mit Rush Hour Expresskurier können sie so ihre Versandkosten optimieren und bekommen gleichzeitig passende Versandlösungen.


Unsere zuverlässigen Boten überbringen Ihre wichtigen Dokumente, wie beispielsweise Arbeitsverträge, oder Kündigungen persönlich an den Empfänger. Eine rechtssichere Zustellung wenn gewünscht, ist auf Wunsch möglich.

Sperrige Güter

Auch schwere Sendungen stellen wir mit Leichtigkeit zu: Mit unseren geeigneten Fahrzeugen sind auch Paletten und Sperrgut kein Problem für uns. Je nach Entfernung zum Zielort und Größe des Pakets organisieren wir den passenden Transport.

Valorenversand V.I.P.

Wir machen Ihr Paket zum Very Important Pack! Ob persönliche zustellung in Dubai, oder Panzerwagen mit bewaffnetem Personal. Wir realisieren Ihren Valorentransport diskret und zuverlässig.

Waffen- & Gefahrguttransporte

Auch gefährliche Waren sind bei uns in sicheren Händen. Gefahrguttransporte führen nur unsere speziell geschulten Fahrern Laufende ADR und DGR-Schulungen gehören bei uns zum Standard in entsprechenden Fahrzeugen aus.

Medikamente und Lebensmittel

Rush Hour Expresskurier transportiert auch Sendungen, die aufgrund gesetzlicher Vorschriften oder ihrer Empfindlichkeit unter bestimmten Temperaturen befördert werden müssen. Apotheken und Krankenhäuser zählen zu unseren täglichen Abhol- und Lieferstellen.


In München sind unsere Boten mit Fahrrad, E-Autos und bald auch mit E-Scootern unterwegs. So können wir nicht nur lästige Staus umgehen, sondern transportieren Ihre Sendung klimaneutral.


Unsere Verpackungen beschränken sich auf das Notwendigste, um überflüssigen Müll zu vermeiden. Außerdem nutzen wir, so weit es möglich ist, nachhaltige Materialien, wie recyceltes Papier und Pappe.

Nachhaltiger Standort

Rush Hour arbeitet fortwährend daran, unseren Lagerstandort nachhaltiger zu gestalten: Dazu gehört, Energie und Wasser so effizient wie möglich zu nutzen und nachhaltige Lagersysteme zu nutzen.


Sendungen werden von unserem Kurierdienst nicht nur ohne unnötige Umwege abgeholt, sondern auch auf dem kürzesten und nachhaltigsten Weg weiter versendet und ausgeliefert.