Logistics Center Munich

We solve space problems on a grand scale! We have 800 square meters with HD camera surveillance dor you to use to store your goods. There is also 24/7 staff presence, HD camera surveillance and high security storage for valuables. Around 1,500-2,000 shipments are processed here every day for collection and delivery from Munich and the surrounding areas. We are happy to take over picking work and the associated shipping.

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Expresskurier liefert das Paket aus

Direct Courier Munich

Super fast in and around Munich: Your shipment is safe with us. We will transport it from door to door in the shortest possible time.

Lager eines Unternehmens, das Transportdienstleistungen anbietet


We offer you the all-round carefree package at the best price. Send letters, parcels, documents and bulky goods with Rush Hour within Germany.

Flotte eines Unternehmens, das Transportdienstleistungen anbietet


We also guarantee fast and reliable delivery internationally. Thanks to our longtime local partners, we use the best delivery routes.


Many roads lead to Rome, but we will find the best route.

Thanks to our location we also offer late collections in and around Munich, mostly at no extra charge. We are happy to discuss possible offers without obligation. We see ourselves as a logistics designer who develops and provides a logistics solution tailored to your needs. From the city courier in Munich, Germany and Europe to international shipping, including customs documents, we offer all logistics services from a single source.