Request second attempt deliveries

Dear recipient, Please understand that we can only process requests for second attempt deliveries using this online form. We will be happy to deliver your shipment to you on the next working day after you request a second delivery. Please also note the information at the end of this form. Thank you.

Please take note of the following guidelines:

Deliveries to alternative addresses can only take place in the postal code area 80331 to 81999. Deliveries are only possible from the next working day (Monday to Friday), excluding public holidays. Normally, the recipient does not incur any costs for this service. Costs may be charged for alternative deliveries. Rush Hour will announce this in advance. If the ID verification box is ticked on your notification card, the named recipient must personally take over. However, alternative addresses are possible. Some items can only be redelivered by the sender. There will then be no delivery. Rush Hour Transport is expressly entitled to change requested dates for the second attempted delivery. We also reserve the right to refuse requests. A binding date only comes about after written confirmation from Rush Hour Transports. The auto-reply does not count as an order confirmation.