Expresskurier liefert ein Paket auf einem Motorroller aus

7 advantages of bike couriers

More and more people (especially in big cities) are deciding to switch to a bicycle for transport. This is mainly due to the fact that you can avoid traffic and get around faster and using a bicycle is more environmentally friendly compared to a motorbike or car. It’s also a healthier option providing exercise and stress relief. Being in a car during rush hour is extremely stressful. Traffic jams make you move very slowly, which costs you valuable time. For this very reason, bicycle couriers are a very good alternative, especially when it comes to quick deliveries within the city. in a traffic jam no car can keep up with a bicycle!


You don’t have to worry about a thing, a bicycle courier will drop your shipment safely and quickly to its destination. Rush Hour’s bike couriers take care of your orders door-to-door, so you can sit back and relax.


Since bicycles are powered by muscle power, they move through the streets in a CO2-neutral manner. This saves important resources and money for transport. In addition, bicycles can use shorter transport routes where cars are not allowed.


Our bicycle couriers are fast and reliable, regardless of time and traffic volume. They can navigate quickly through heavy traffic, making them faster and more reliable than courier services in cars.


Bike couriers are usually a cheaper solution than traditional couriers.

To your doorstep

Bicycle couriers have no problem finding a parking space.They can deliver your shipment right to the door: without detours and unnecessary waste of time. They can also reach places that cars or larger vehicles cannot.

The drop in the ocean

Bicycles do not cause additional traffic and traffic jams. Therefore, choose a bicycle courier for your next shipment. Talk to us and we will make you an offer.