Flotte eines Unternehmens, das Transportdienstleistungen anbietet

When it really matters: This is how gifts and greetings arrive on time

Year after year, people want to make their loved ones happy. The queues in parcel shops and post offices are getting longer and longer, while the time until Christmas is getting shorter. One could almost think that Christmas comes as a complete surprise every year. Of course, you want to be sure that the gifts and greetings reach your loved ones in time for Christmas.

To be safe: by when should parcels be sent?

Of course, if you want to be sure that your package will reach its destination in time for Christmas, you should send it as early as possible. Or you choose a reliable shipping service, like Rush Hour. Last but not least, the key date for the last delivery day before Christmas depends on the courier company. So it’s worth asking us about when your package should be on its way. Good news: with our 24-hour express courier service, you can also send your Christmas greetings spontaneously.

You should definitely pay attention to this in order to avoid unnecessary stress

With these little tricks you avoid unnecessary costs and stress:

  • Use only registered mail to send money and valuables
  • Choose secure packaging and seal it tightly. It is best to pad the package from the inside to prevent the contents from moving around too much and getting damaged.
  • If you are recycling a box, you should deface old labels and coding before shipping.
  • Pack parcels as efficiently as possible: the box should be as small as possible. This might save you money too.
  • Avoid wrapping paper and bows on the outside of the parcel. These can easily get caught in the sorting system.
  • The name and address should be complete and legible, otherwise the package will be returned to you and you will lose valuable time.


If you want to send your packages safely, choose a trustworthy and fast express courier like Rush Hour.