Expresskurier liefert das Paket aus

It´s a match: safe, fast and environmentally friendly delivery

More and more studies confirm that online trade has a bad environmental balance. Specifically the so-called “last mile” plays a major role. This describes the delivery of a package. Important resources are consumed for transport unnecessarily.

Alternative courier services with a better carbon footprint

Rush Hour is one of the private courier services Germany based that give great importance to a better environmental balance. That is why we use short and direct transport routes, environmentally friendly packaging and deliver by bicycle, scooter or public transport with no loss of delivery time

How to improve your environmental impact?

  • Only buy things online that you can’t find at the local store.
  • Avoid spontaneous purchases on the Internet.
  • Send packages in a box.
  • Use cardboard boxes several times.
  • Ship with a courier that cares about the environment.
  • Make sure a package can be delivered on the first try by designating a drop-off location. This way the courier service does not have to come to you again.
  • Send as few returns as possible.
  • For unavoidable returns, use the original packaging.
  • Bulk orders are more environmentally friendly than individual shipments.
  • If possible, avoid international bulk carriers from far away.

Last but not least

Sending and receiving parcels and letters is fun. That’s why it’s extra important that you choose a trustworthy courier company that cares about the environment as much as you do. You can also ask private couriers about their code of practice on environmental and social standards. Talk to us about it at Rush Hour. For us, environmental protection and fast delivery go together combined with the best price-performance ratio. In addition, you will save time and queues at the post office counter!